Children’s furniture

Who has not dreamt at least once in their life of a house perched in the trees in which to sleep, play, invent, dream, hide away, find oneself, grow, study, read, party, lounge in pyjamas… in other words live! The treehouse comes in single and bunk bed versions.

Discover now in our store the Madavin, Madaket and New Classic ranges.

Gamme Madavin
Subtly inspired by the sixties, the Madavin collection of children’s beds and desks is available in pearl grey, white, taupe, lilac or any of our 22 other colours. As an option, useful, deep storage boxes can be slide under the bed that stands on legs which discretely recall the legs of the table football of old. Children will also love the evocative design of the “butterfly stool”.

Gamme Madaket
The Madaket child and teenage bedroom collection is characterised by the clean lines and elegant shapes of contemporary design. The door and drawer handles have a subtle hint of the marine world and the compartment system in the storage boxes and chests of drawers is highly original. Ambiance and City Design guaranteed!

Gamme New classic
This collection is the result of more than 20 years’ collaboration with François Lamazerolles, a highly creative and prolific designer. As the range has developed, it has become a new classic. You will definitely find items in the “New Worker” range to delight your children and teens.

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