Nowadays, urban living tends to reduce the size of our bedrooms, prioritizing living spaces.

We are constantly in search of storage space.

A bed with storage is therefore an ideal solution for apartments with limited storage options. Easily store bulky bedding items such as extra summer duvets or bed linens; they instantly disappear into the storage compartment hidden under your bed.
In most cases, a bed with storage offers storage space equivalent to the sleeping surface. Access to the storage compartment is remarkably easy thanks to the assistance of gas pistons that aid in opening.
Our selection is very extensive, with fabric, leather-look, genuine leather, or wood, offering numerous finishes. You will find beds with storage in the collections of Beka®, Revor®, Styldecor®, Hasena®, or Confortplus® to suit all tastes and budgets.

Feel free to visit the store to discover all the possibilities.

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