For people with allergies we recommend our high-quality hypoallergenic synthetic-fibre duvets. These combine ease of care with sleep comfort. They wrap around the body in a light and airy manner, guaranteeing a refreshing sleep. They can be washed and dried very quickly. SYNTHETIC-FIBRE bedding can be washed at high temperatures and tumble-dried, so is ideal for people allergic to mites.

If you live your life in the fast lane, you need your relaxation to be just as intense. Our duvets and feather quilts are ideal for those who want the luxury of a special feeling of relaxation: just snuggle up in the duvet to be overcome by a feeling of absolute well-being. Duvets and feather quilts are traditionally our companions of choice for the night. With unparalleled softness and an optimum degree of thermal insulation, they allow moisture to escape in an ideal manner. They are the perfect solution for anyone who wants their sleep to also be a moment of pleasure. For many years we have been working exclusively with Brinkhaus, who have been making high-quality duvets since 1847.
While duvets and quilts have for many years replaced our grandmother’s good old blanket, this type of bed cover still has many fans. You can find a choice of quality blankets and wool tartans in shops. Of course, the traditional “Sole Mio” needs no introduction and we have been distributing the French brand “Arpin 1817” for a while now. This small company from Savoy has been weaving in the same traditional way, now classified as an historical heritage, for almost two hundred years. We invite you to come and experience for yourself the unrivalled comfort of a 100% wool blanket.